April 26, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Megan Ewing

This month’s pick for Employee Spotlight is Megan Ewing. Megan is a Client Executive in our Property and Casualty Division at The Fedeli Group. Keep reading to learn more about Megan’s story and how she became involved in the Property and Casualty industry.

1. How did you get your start in the industry?

Just like most people in the industry, my start was super random and by chance. After teaching kindergarten for a short time, I couldn’t find a permanent position. While working at a summer day-camp in Beachwood, I met a relative of a manager for another firm in Cleveland. I started out doing certificates, Auto ID cards and word processing. After a period of time and lots of training, I started managing my own book of business. After seven years, I made the move to TFG. While my degree is in early childhood education, the insurance industry has always felt like “home” to me. I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.

2. How long have you been at TFG?

I have been part of the team for almost five years.

3. What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is working with our team. All our associates do an amazing job finding unique and creative solutions for our clients. We demonstrate our intensity and proactive nature on a daily basis. The best part is – we also take care of each other in the process. These people are like my family. I am extremely grateful to work with such a dedicated, wonderful and caring group of individuals.

4. What are three words you would use to describe The Fedeli Group?

Family-Oriented, Team and Intensity.

5. What is the best place you have traveled to and why?

By far, the best place I have traveled is Holden Beach, NC. My entire family has spent a week on this tiny island every summer for the past 11 years. It’s where my husband proposed and where my family has shared so many unforgettable memories. It’s a quiet, small town atmosphere consisting of a few local restaurants and shops and all private homes. It’s the perfect place to relax and get away from the world for a while. I can envision my family visiting for years to come and hopefully owning a home at some point down the road. (Wishful thinking) 😊

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Megan! We are incredibly lucky to have someone like you on our team.

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