August 19, 2022

Internship Spotlight: Megan Fleisher

Megan Fleisher spent her summer at The Fedeli Group as Events and Marketing Intern. Before departing, we wanted to ask a few questions about her experience!


What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned / or proudest project you worked on this summer?

One of the greatest lessons I have learned during my time at The Fedeli Group was the importance of lifelong learning. By continuously staying curious and searching for new knowledge, you can continue to grow and thrive throughout your life and career.

Over the course of my internship, the project that I am most proud of was my Capstone project which was a social media and website audit and competitive analysis. I was tasked with looking at our own social media channels and website design and then comparing it to some of our competitors. I enjoyed being able to take a deep dive into what exactly we could learn from them to improve the effectiveness of our platforms.


What was the most rewarding thing about working at The Fedeli Group this summer?

The most rewarding thing about working at The Fedeli Group this summer was being able to meet and learn from so many incredible individuals who were passionate about the work that they do, passionate about helping others, and always striving to be the best that they could be. It was obvious that Umberto’s philosophies had been instrumental in creating the company culture, and I experienced it being put into use by the entire staff. I enjoyed being a part of this welcoming, encouraging, and tight-knit community.


What can you take away from this experience that could be applied to future college courses and internships?

One takeaway from this experience that I could apply to college and my future career is the importance of networking and relationships. At The Fedeli Group, it was clear that the business had been built on the ability to foster and maintain relationships with clients. I think that I can afford to take advantage of more opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh to meet with my professors and create mentor relationships to learn as much as I can from individuals who want to help me succeed in my career and in life.


Tell us about any new skills, techniques, and knowledge you gained this summer.

In terms of new skills and knowledge that I gained this summer, I was able to learn about the insurance industry and get a closer look at its many moving parts. Now, I feel that I have a grasp of what the overall environment looks like in terms of the major players involved and where The Fedeli Group fits into the bigger picture. Also, I was able to gain more familiarity with Canva’s Pro features which I then used to create various posters and graphics for health fairs and social media. 

Thank you to all the associates at The Fedeli Group for always being willing to help, and an extra thank you to Leo, Sarah, Lily, and Emily for their guidance throughout my internship.

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