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A risk management program should reflect your risk tolerance and your exposures while meeting company financial requirements. Finding the right balance between cost and risk transfer requires both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Your risk tolerance, industry regulations, and financial position are the three key variables that impact the amount of coverage you need and how that coverage is purchased.

Let’s Talk About Risk Management

In this dynamic business environment, you feel a constant pressure to deploy the latest technologies, explore new markets, and integrate best practices to drive efficiency—but what about a risk management plan?

Our Objective

In this dynamic business environment, you feel a constant pressure to deploy the latest technologies, explore new markets, and integrate best practices to drive efficiency—but what about a risk management plan? As your organization grows and changes, so does its exposure to losses. The risk management program you adopted even a couple of years ago could be irrelevant, or at least require editing to ensure financial protection.

We know, it can be easy to overlook possible coverage gaps when you’re focused on running your organization. Evolving government regulations and insurance industry practice add another layer of complexity. Rest assured, The Fedeli Group will help you identify and measure risk, then design a customized risk management program that addresses your specific needs.

Forget the 50-Page Report. While our Risk Management practice group certainly provides a detailed assessment of your risk exposures and recommendations for protecting your organization, we’re more focused on building a relationship with you that involves ongoing communication and consultation. That way, we can provide relevant ideas and solutions as your business evolves. So, we listen—and we ask the tough questions. We want to know your business inside and out so we can direct you to the right insurance products and create tailored coverages when needed. We know those large written reports look comprehensive. But we advise you to look beyond the report when seeking a partner who will design your risk management plan. What matters most is having an adviser who is on your side and can anticipate possible liabilities so you can be proactive.

Balancing Cost and Risk Transfer. What risk transfer does your business need today—and what about five years from now, and well into the future? We take a qualitative and quantitative approach to risk management and create informed risk transfer plans that include:

  • A statistical analysis of historical losses and exposures
  • An adviser who provides insight into your industry’s exposures
  • Program benchmarking specific to your industry
  • A risk tolerance assessment

Why Does Risk Tolerance Matter? For one, we know it can change over time and it fluctuates based on what’s happening in your industry and business. (Can you afford higher retentions? Can you assume more risk?) It’s important for us to take your pulse periodically to determine if a risk management plan should be updated. Second, risk tolerance can impact cost, and we always work to balance cost and risk transfer. Your risk tolerance, financial position and industry regulations are the three key variables that play into the amount of coverage you need and how that coverage is purchased.

Tailoring a Risk Management Program. We’re all different—we run different businesses in a range of industries facing a diverse set of issues that can change daily. A risk management program should reflect your risk tolerance and exposures while respecting your financial tolerance. In other words, the risk management program has to speak to your bank account and your gut. Once we understand your risk tolerance, we can design and implement a tailored program that includes:

  • A range of fully insured and self-insured arrangements (based on exposure)
  • Various financing options (including collateral)
  • Captive arrangements
  • A revised loss control plan
  • Re-establishing vendor agreement arrangements

The Fedeli Group Difference. No one knows your business better than you do. And no one can understand the risks you face in a dynamic economy like you can. You live the risk every day. That’s why we focus on listening and understanding your exposures, risk tolerance, financial position and what you expect from a risk management program. All of this happens during a deep-dive discovery process—and continues as we act as a concerned adviser, focused on protecting your business from risk. We leverage our longstanding relationships with leading insurance underwriters to benefit your organization. Our extensive risk management capabilities make The Fedeli Group the only adviser you’ll need to protect your business from losses.

Here’s What Makes Us The Experts

TFG Aviation

Expertise in aircraft, aircraft manufacturers and service providers.

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Construction & Surety

Comprehensive risk management and insurance coverage for the construction industry.

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Protecting you and your business against cyber threats including identity theft.

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Mitigating environmental liabilities with strategic, tailored coverage.

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Insurance coverage for restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues.

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Expertise in navigating risk and exposures in today’s global manufacturing market.

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Real Estate

Protecting your portfolio so you can expand and grow your real estate investments.

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Social Services

Supporting you with comprehensive insurance coverage so you can focus on what’s important.

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Let’s Talk About Your Risk Management Plan

Let’s talk about the risk you’re facing today and what solutions we can provide to make the future feel more comfortable. In an uncertain business world, the least we can all do is put the proper protection in place to alleviate concerns of financial impairment.

Regardless Your Niche, These are the Services We Guarantee

Claims Management

In the event of a loss, will your coverage meet expectations? Unfortunately, many organizations don’t find out until they are filing a claim and realize that resolution isn’t all that easy. At The Fedeli Group, we emphasize thorough planning and placement in order to deliver seamless, undisputed claims payment. And we’re realists. So, we know that gray areas will emerge and a plan isn’t all you need to ensure payment. With polite, assertive negotiation and longtime insurance industry relationships, The Fedeli Group delivers results for clients by creating customized specialty risk insurance programs.

  • Attention to Detail. We’re sticklers for detail, and our clients benefit by getting the outcomes they expect.
  • Dedicated Claims Professionals. The Fedeli Group’s claims management services range from basic tracking and reporting to negotiating significant, complex losses.

Loss Control

Do you have loss control service in place? (Do you know the risk of not having proper service for your coverage?) The Fedeli Group works closely with clients to ensure proactive insurance provider loss control with specialty risk management. We’re involved in the process—from facilitating engagement to participating in loss control inspections.

  • Supporting the Inspection Process. We review post-inspection reports and help you understand and respond to recommendations. If necessary, we can secure the required safety training and education. Our goal is to take the complexities out of the inspection process so you can satisfy requirements and move on with greater protection for the future.
  • Delivering Loss Control Services. Our carrier partners rely on The Fedeli Group to facilitate loss control services because we can identify areas for improvement and also challenge requests that may be unnecessary. As your trusted adviser, we’re always thinking about your ROI.

Insurance Placement

Do you require coverage in a niche area, or do you experience specific challenges associated with property, liability, workers’ compensation or executive risk? Specialty markets are often required to gain the appropriate coverage—and you could pay handsomely for that coverage. The Fedeli Group does premium volume in specific niches so we can secure attractive terms and pricing for your specialty risk management plan.

Specialty practice areas:

  • Heavy industrial manufacturing
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Restaurants and food service

Alternative Risk Transfer

Interested in exploring alternative risk transfer options? Everyone has a different level of risk tolerance, which is why it’s important to regularly assess your comfort level with risk and edit your risk management program accordingly. There are options that could benefit your budget and coverage—from higher retentions and deductibles to self-insuring certain exposures. Our goal is to strike a balance between your risk appetite and financial commitment.

Alternative risk transfer options:

  • Risk retention groups
  • Pools
  • Captive insurance companies (single parent vs. group)


Gain on-the-ground expertise in foreign locations through The Fedeli Group’s partnership with UnisonBrokers. We provide coverage placement, translation services, knowledge of customary practices and guidance on country-specific regulations.

  • Global Relationships. Our strong relationships with global insurers and reinsurers is your advantage. We regularly visit and work with Lloyds of London underwriters, and we service foreign companies with U.S. operations to address their insurance needs here.
  • An Independent Network. UnisonBrokers is an independent network of regional insurance brokers located in significant economic regions worldwide. It is based in Hamburg, Germany.

“They’ve assisted our growth into new buildings and new markets that carry new risks. With a steadily increasing number of employees and the rising health care costs that accompany that, The Fedeli Group allows us to offer employees the best plan options for their needs. There will always be challenges, but how you respond makes all the difference.”

Brian J. Steere, Co-President, STEERE Enterprises

“The Fedeli Group provides the deep industry experience that we value and expect. They helped us maintain our employee benefits during very tough times. Because their family values align perfectly with ours, they’re truly our partner in helping us take care of our employees. We speak the same language. They know what my values are, so they don’t work against them. That creates long-term relationships and allows me to take care of my employees.”

Becky Wall, CEO, Dearing Compressor and Pump Co.

“Proper insurance coverage is a top concern for Sky Quest employees, our aircraft owners, and our charter clients. We have 100 percent confidence in The Fedeli Group’s ability to oversee, recommend and manage our policies.”

Corey Head, President, SkyQuest

“With help from The Fedeli Group, Skylift has strengthened its employee benefits plan with integrated solutions for health care coverage, while improving the company’s regulatory compliance. We certainly made a move up when we came to The Fedeli Group. Our insurance programs definitely improved a lot, and we feel way more secure with the coverage we have now.”

Mike Naughton, President, Skylift Inc.

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