Why The Fedeli Group?

We offer custom insurance solutions and high-level risk management covering a range of specialties. Our practice areas are run by experts in those specific fields—they’re your trusted advisers. We know you’re heard other insurance agencies talk about “advisers,” but what makes The Fedeli Group different is the way we craft insurance solutions to address real-world risk. We customize products to cover your unique exposures. We never expect to dole out a cookie-cutter product because your needs are specific to your industry, your business and your goals.

Risk Management. Many risks can be managed so that you can pursue dreams, business plans and day-to-day activities without the worry of financial impairment. As your advisor, we work with you to identify and measure risk. From this analysis a plan is developed and implemented that balances the cost of insurance with the need to protect assets and income.

Employee Benefits. We take a consultative approach to building employee benefits plans that consider plan cost management, talent acquisition, administrative efficiency and regulatory compliance. These areas require expert guidance from specialists in the field. The Fedeli Group combines our inside knowledge with insights from external resources. By connecting the dots and implementing a stewardship process that involves thorough reporting, we can address every angle of employee benefits at your organization. Find out how.

Individual Needs. The insurance needs of individuals and families can be underestimated. As your insurance advisor, we will provide a thorough review of your needs and risk tolerance in order to evaluate coverage options.

Let’s Talk Solutions. We focus on getting to know your business inside and out so we can guide you toward the custom insurance solutions and employee benefits solutions that make sense for your organization.

Our mission is to help clients protect assets and enhance employee outcomes through the delivery of exceptional risk management and employee benefit consulting services and products.

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