Restaurants, hotels and leisure venues face a host of liabilities that are unique to the hospitality business industry. From employment-related accidents to customer injuries and property damage, you need a tailored restaurant insurance program to protect your business.

Our Objective

The Fedeli Group Hospitality team has specialist who focus on risk management in the hospitality industry. We understand the exposure that restaurants of all types facek—from fine dining to fast food with drive-throughs. We provide strategic, comprehensive coverage for all types of hospitality operations, including hotels and entertainment venues.

Protecting Property. Because the nature of a hospitality business varies, facilities are especially vulnerable to fires and damage. You need specialized coverage that can accommodate your restaurant and hospitality business needs—and that includes business interruption, food born illness and spoilage, distilled spirits and wine, and more.

Preventing Employee Injuries. Accidents happen, we’ll make sure you’re covered with restaurant insurance. More than 195,000 restaurant employees suffering injuries on the job during an average year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The Fedeli Group takes no chances, consulting with ergonomic experts to identify potential risk factors.

Preserving Your Reputation. What if a guest gets food poisoning and blames your restaurant? What if a customer slips and falls? We consider every possible what-if in the dynamic hospitality industry—because every risk could burn a business’s reputation. A strategic restaurant insurance program that is customized for your work environment will protect your business and reputation.

Assuring A Memorable Experience. The last thing anyone wants is damaging a customer’s automobile while it is in your care, custody or control as part of a valet service. Risk management in the hospitality industry is critical. You need protection against the legal liability that can visit you.

Securing Information. Why risk your security—and your reputation? A cyber breach can result in lost customer data, trade secret theft and financial devastation. You need a trusted adviser who is an extension of your IT department. We go beyond offering cyber policies—we provide cyber protection strategies.

The Fedeli Group Difference. The Fedeli Group can act as your hospitality business risk manager, anticipating potential liabilities and designing wrap-around coverage so you can concentrate on what you do best. That’s why restaurants choose us as a partner.

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