Why The Fedeli Group?

Everything we do is centered on service—from understanding your business and risk environment to connecting you with opportunities to grow and succeed. Service is a mindset at The Fedeli Group. It’s what makes us different than a provider that is simply selling insurance products and services.

Relationships First. Our longtime clients will tell you that the reason they stay with The Fedeli Group is because they trust our team—they know we put their best interests. We are here to serve. And because of that, we develop strong relationships and deep knowledge of every facet of your business. We seek to understand so we can deliver valuable solutions that will protect your organization and position you for future success.

Connecting the Dots. Not only do we focus on what makes your business tick—we connect you with industry peers, other advisers and experienced leaders. We’ve been called a matchmaker, and we’re proud of that because it means we’re taking service to the next level and connecting the dots. We want our clients to leverage the relationships that The Fedeli Group has worked to establish over the decades. Allow us to introduce you to people who can provide insight and opportunities.

Tapping a Network of Experts. Fedeli insurance services has a network of subject matter experts across the industries we serve and our product categories. Behind every decision—and every insurance product—there’s a knowledgeable specialist who can advise on real-world issues and offer practical advice. We want to share our compounded knowledge with you, which is why we dedicate resources to create proprietary reports and special white papers that challenge, inform and guide.

Let’s Talk Service. What can we do for your business? Call one of our insurance professionals—we’re looking forward to getting to know your organization.

Our mission is to help clients protect assets and enhance employee outcomes through the delivery of exceptional risk management and employee benefit consulting services and products.

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