May 14, 2023

The Numerous Lessons Businesspeople Can Learn From Mothers and Grandmothers

Maybe it’s because I’m Catholic, or maybe it’s because I’m Italian, but mothers, grandmothers and godmothers all hold a very special place, not only in my heart, but in my life. They continually demonstrate an unbelievable amount of unconditional love and always seem to understand their child’s needs, wants and dreams. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s intuition, maybe it’s “mother’s magic.”

As busy as many of us think we are, it is important to take time to reflect and show appreciation towards our mother. Why? There are numerous incredible lessons people in the business world can observe and learn from mothers and grandmothers. There is no one who sacrifices more than a mother does for her child. She embraces, empathizes and encourages her children with commitment, conviction and courage. Compassion, humility and gratitude are interrelated. A mother’s love is a primary example. A mother’s selflessness focuses on making a difference in our lives—leading to serve others unapologetically.

While I know I would not make a good mother, I was fortunate to have had a wonderful grandmother, mother, aunts and godmothers growing up and I was blessed with an amazing wife who was Supermom raising our five children. I now have the immense joy of watching my daughters and daughter-law turn into amazing mothers just like their mother and grandmother before them to our eleven incredible grandchildren, with more on the way.

A good mother is a blessing. She is our quiet voice of reason and sees past the faults, errors and judgements of others. Her words and lessons are the songs replaying in our minds as we go about our everyday lives with or without her by our side. A mother’s love champions a child’s heart to fulfill the highest expression of oneself as a human being. She’s our very first mentor, role model and teacher; always there helping us determine what is right and wrong and supports us down the path towards our future. She is our encouragement to reach for the stars, and our grounding to stay humble while doing so.
The late great and unforgettable, President Ronald Reagan shared these words, “There is no love like a mother’s—she who carries the child that God knits in the womb, she who nourishes and guides, she who teaches and inspires, she who gives her heart and soul and self for the good and the happiness of her children and family.” For many, she is the emotional backbone of the family. A mother’s love is immeasurable and timeless, without end. We are bonded to her forever, and she is self-sacrificing. God truly gave us a gift when He gave us a mother.

This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate all mothers, even those no longer with us. Whether it be your mother, grandmother, wife, sister or daughter, thank anyone who you cherish and admire and has made a lasting and loving impact on your life. And to all the amazing mothers, I send the wish to you for a very joyful and blessed Mother’s Day.

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