October 9, 2018

New York Sexual Harassment Training Deadline Moved back to October 9, 2019

As you’ve likely heard by now, the State of New York recently passed sweeping legislation, requiring all employers (with employees in the State) to:

  1. Adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy
  2. Provide an interactive training that includes:
    1. an explanation of sexual harassment
    2. examples of sexual harassment
    3. information detailing Federal & State sexual harassment laws (+ victim remedies & services)
    4. explanation of employee “rights of redress” and “complaint forums”

This State-wide requirement applies to employers of all sizes.

At HRWS, we are aware of these new mandates and are currently developing a robust, interactive and compliant training presentation.

The training window begins October 9 and stays open through January 1. We will apprise you of the training’s specific release date soon, but rest assured we will be ready to fully support and assist your Clients’ and Organizations’ full compliance with this new mandate.

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