December 1, 2020

Caring for the Caregivers

Enhancing employee productivity and job performance is of critical importance to the achievement of larger business goals. This is true for both public and private enterprise. In today’s social and economic climate, many individuals are tasked with caring for loved ones outside of work. Often, the role of caregiver creates, what can feel like, an additional full-time job. The emotional and financial strain of these added responsibilities can take a significant toll on the employee’s wellbeing and, and in turn, their ability to perform at a high level. As an employer, providing helpful resources to employees who may be feeling overwhelmed is an important human capital and financial objective.

With a variety of options in the market, one of the solutions available through employers has been Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). EAP’s are designed to assist employees in a variety of areas ranging from emotional support to financial resources and can provide assistance around caring for others. A program specializing in caregiving support can be critical to the success of your workforce, both at home and a work, who may be facing some of these challenges. A new entrant into the market is a technology-based platform CaringWire. CaringWire’s platform connects individuals to an array of resources including transportation scheduling, nutrition information, home health care services, and personal patient care.

The Fedeli Group has formed a partnership with CaringWire so that we are able to assist in providing employers a specialized tool to give support to their caregiving employees. By offering these resources, employers can assist their employees in better managing their responsibilities outside of work. This will add value to the overall benefit offerings of the organization while delivering a more caregiving-friendly workplace. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the CaringWire program with you in greater detail.

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