• What Protection Do You Have Against Employee Theft?

    Theft of business assets by employees is very common, and is growing because of the complexity of today’s business environment and new electronic technology which enable this type of crime.
  • HIPAA Policies and Procedures… Are You Really Prepared?

    Since March 23, 2010, most employee benefit plan sponsors have focused their regulatory attention on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and for good reason! The Affordable Care Act has required extensive changes to the way employers and insurance companies offer benefits.
  • Manage the Risks You Know: Cyber Protection/cyber Security Liability

    The dawn of the internet provided many new avenues for doing business, and the protection of computer data is a main concern in today’s working environment.“Cyber Liability,” as it is called, encompasses new risks for companies that not only conduct…
  • Identity Theft

    Identity theft is a problem that is not going away. This criminal act has constantly been one of the top complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission for the past 15 years. The problem has grown so severe the FTC created a new website,, to…
  • Group Long-term Disability Insurance: Policy Details Matter

    Do you know the details of your group long-term disability contract? Unfortunately, for many employers, this topic does not become important until an employee has filed a claim that results in the denial, termination, or reduction in the level of benefits.