February 5, 2024

Be the CEO of Yourself to Obtain Success

I needed to learn how to become the CEO of myself. To me, being the CEO of my life means I must take the lead in whatever I am trying to accomplish. It’s impossible to know everything about everything, so I should reach out to those with more knowledge and experience to increase the chances of achieving my goals. The impact of who you connect with is so important because if you don’t have the right “who”, then the “what” doesn’t matter.

Many people would be more than willing to assist if the request was targeted—refined and defined to understand what they could do to truly benefit the person asking. If you clearly articulate what you want and need, it will be much easier for others to help. Asking requests of others in a thoughtful, humble and compassionate manner shows respect and appreciation.

The concept of rational targeting is an important part of playing to our strengths. Your strengths are what you are particularly good at and what you are passionate about. Rational targeting is identifying your strengths, what is needed and how those two intersect. Then, applying it with relationship mapping—which is the contacts we have. Put simply, it’s collecting the dots and then connecting the dots by taking what we enjoy and are good at doing and using the relationships we have. Using this approach exponentially increases the chances of success. Where are our relationships strong? You may not have the contacts, but you may know someone who knows someone that can be of assistance.

If someone does something for you—always be willing to reciprocate. If you are in a position to help someone, do what you can to do it. I have learned that I can get almost anything in life if I assist others to get what they want. I call this the “Law of Reciprocity”. If you have a good reputation for helping people in an altruistic way, more respect is earned. Many would be willing to do something for you because they desire to build the relationship.

Often, I cannot help someone directly with a problem, but I can make an introduction to someone who can. If I can be a conduit and make an introduction to someone with the wisdom and expertise that can, then I am being helpful. And that’s my purpose — to help. I try to access my network and connect them with someone of high integrity, experience and great abilities. Finding the right who presents a higher probability of a successful outcome.

In every aspect of life, ask for what you want and listen to what others are asking of you. If you don’t take the lead with rational targeting and relationship mapping, then you’re likely not going to be nearly as effective. You don’t have to have all the answers, but using a network to exchange information, ideas and resources to assist others can make a lasting impact.

>TAKEAWAY: Take the lead in your life. You are the CEO. Surround yourself with people who can guide and assist you. Being the CEO does not mean you have to do it all, but you do need to take responsibility and ownership over your life.

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