What is the OGBC?

The OGBC stands for the Ohio Government Benefit Cooperative.

The OGBC was established in 2018 by The Fedeli Group and Medical Mutual of Ohio with the consulting expertise of The Fedeli Group. The OGBC is a consortium designed to stabilize the overall cost of group health insurance plans. The consortium was formed and is governed by a member of each public entity.

What are the benefits of OGBC?

Consortiums are designed to benefit employers by sharing in claims pooling.

The benefit of being an OGBC member differs from other consortiums that provide Ohio government health insurance. As a member you experience lower administrative costs, avoid paying state insurance taxes, build consistency and reserves, mitigate medical trend and receive pharmacy rebates.

Difference between the OGBC and other Consortiums

The OGBC is self-governed by a Board of Directors and operated by the members of the consortium, not by a consultant. Each entity in the consortium has a representative on the Board of the OGBC.

You have plan design flexibility in the OGBC. This allows each employer to continue the current plan(s).

OGBC members are NOT locked into a multi-year contract. Employers can exit the consortium without financial penalty or incurring reserve costs.

The difference in the OGBC program is the renewal process. Each entity is underwritten based on their own performance, not the utilization of the entire consortium. This eliminates employers incurring a higher increase to offset another employers poor utilization.

Who can be an OGBC Member?

To be a Member of the OGBC you must be one of the following:

  • A City
  • A Township
  • A County
  • A Political Subdivision

The Consortium is designed for health insurance programs that are both fully-funded and self-funded. The OGBC allows large and small government entities with 50+ eligible employees into the program.


Interested in becoming apart of the OGBC? Let’s Talk.