Medicare Employer Coverage

How will you give your employees the healthcare products and services to support them throughout their lifecycle—from onboarding to retirement? At The Fedeli Group, we take a holistic approach to the Medicare and employer coverage process because we understand that planning for retirement is just as important as developing new hires.  

Whether entering retirement or choosing to continue their career, your team members who are 65 or older have an important decision to make regarding Medicare coverage. For many, Medicare is a beneficial option to consider. As an employer, you are uniquely positioned to provide information to support employees as they weigh their options. Whether they select Medicare, employer coverage or a combination of both, you can be their trusted resource.  

Empowering Team Members. As experienced employee benefits advisors who understand Medicare and employer coverage, we work with each team member to simplify complex Medicare language and break down options so your people can choose what will give them the most value. With this information and insight, transitioning employees can enter the next chapter of their lives with the confidence that their health coverage needs will be met. 

Providing Employee Support. The Medicare enrollment process can be difficult to navigate because of its complex rules and varying eligibility requirements. As employees approach 65, or if they already meet the age requirement, they might not know where to go for help navigating the Medicare insurance maze. First, we help team members make the best choice for them. Then, we provide assistance so they can make the best use of their healthcare plan and all it offers. Our employee benefits team also provides education to employees’ spouses, parents and relatives who are considering retirement.  

The Fedeli Group Difference.  The KAZ Company, a Medicare insurance agency, is now part of The Fedeli Group family of companies. KAZ offers a personal guide to understanding the Medicare process and selecting the best insurance coverage program for your needs. KAZ Company represents all major Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans, providing you a comprehensive menu of coverage options.  

Let’s Talk. There is no cost or obligation to you or your employees to work with our Medicare agents. So, let’s talk about Medicare and employer coverage. We offer meetings tailored to your employee population’s preference (one-on-ones, seminars, in-person/virtual events). Get started today. 



We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.