July 2, 2019

Cyber Security—The Importance of Vetting

Is everyday communication putting your company at risk?

Many insureds are facing substantial loss by falling victim to requests received from fraudulent email addresses; in fact, oftentimes, the email address is identical to the legitimate one used in-house, making it essential to verify the request before complying with whatever it may be. The latest trend in Cyber Extortion is affecting employees directly and financially: hackers are sending fake requests to HR personnel to change direct deposit information to redirect funds into a fraudulent account.

In order to develop a “firewall” against these hackers, be sure to instill the importance of vetting the request received via email if it affects sensitive information or someone’s personal information in any way, shape or form: i.e. banking information, address information, etc. You and your employees should check with the individual directly about whom the request concerns, whether it’s by calling that person on their direct line – NOT a number that was provided in the email – or by speaking with that individual in person.

This small precautionary step could save your employees and company from substantial loss: the safety of protected information lies in the ability to effectively evaluate the validity of the request.

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