Why The Fedeli Group?

Relationships have been the cornerstone of our business since day one. The Fedeli Group story is all about people, as a multi-generational family business that values integrity and trust. Our clients are a part of The Fedeli Group family—and this explains our uncommon customer service and focus on knowing your business intimately. If we’re going to be a trusted adviser, that means going beyond a typical insurance broker relationship and  understanding what makes your organization tick—its pains, risk exposure, employee issues, the competitive landscape and growth opportunities. Our client engagement involves understanding your objectives, timelines and goals. We’re with you on the journey.

A Specialty Focus. We are experts in all aspects of insurance, but we deliver strategic solutions within two main categories: Risk Management and Employee Benefits. We serve industries including aviation, construction and surety, hospitality, manufacturing, social services, real estate and more. Our coverages for cyber and environmental exposures are critical components to clients’ overall risk management strategies.

A Holistic Approach. Because we have such deep relationships with clients and understand their organizations, we can take an enterprise risk management approach. This is a holistic perspective that involves addressing every aspect of a business, from accounts receivable to supply chains. We study your organization and develop strategies that address total risk.

A Trusted Matchmaker. We connect clients to other clients, and we connect outside experts to inside specialists so we can collaborate and deliver thoughtful solutions. The Fedeli Group relationship is about introducing a client to an industry peer or another business leader—or bringing together two entities that can share best practices—we recognize that we cannot run our businesses in a vacuum. By sharing expertise, lending insight and offering thoughtful guidance, we build trusting relationships that are mutually beneficial.


Let’s Talk Relationships. How can we connect you?

Our mission is to help clients protect assets and enhance employee outcomes through the delivery of exceptional risk management and employee benefit consulting services and products.

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