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Sometimes, the main drivers contributing to health care costs are obvious. But not always. When you gain a better understanding of the healthcare insurance analytics and what’s causing cost increases, carrier negotiations are more effective and can result in creative solutions.

Our Objective

We use analytics to negotiate renewals, forecast cost and determine risk transfer strategies. Also, healthcare insurance analytics help us with site-of-care approaches, provider network efficiency and chronic condition management services. With data, we can improve outcomes and member engagement.

Putting Data to Work. With limited flexibility to drill down and identify impactful data, organizations struggle to align their workforce healthcare insurance strategy to the specific needs of their employees. This leads to strategies that are ineffective, wasting valuable company time and resources.

While efficient access to quality data is important, you want to know that the story the data tells is accurate and impactful to you and your workforce. With robust analytics, you have the intelligence to tell your story and benchmarks to compare your outcomes. At the end of the day, quality data allows you to roll out innovative healthcare benefits programs that make sense for your organization.

Connecting the Dots. Clinical and wellness information comes from insurance carriers, wellness vendors, pharmacy vendors and benefits industry representatives. With so many sources and disparate communications, you can miss opportunities to improve healthcare insurance. The Fedeli Group healthcare insurance analytics team connects the dots to provide senior management with a succinct, impactful narrative and visual analysis.

Understanding Your Population. Organizations struggle to sift through and understand contrasting workforce health data sources. Instead of spending time building strategies to meet the needs of their populations, they spend large amounts of time simply trying to understand who’s using their healthcare insurance benefits and what they need.

By gathering data and housing it in a single warehouse, we can deliver insight to give you a clear picture of your workforce’s health picture. That way, you can focus on running your business.

The Fedeli Group Difference.  Healthcare insurance analytics is about looking beyond the numbers and delivering customized and flexible solutions to meet your evolving needs. It requires a toolbox of resources and the talent to help you put data to work. When you partner with The Fedeli Group, you can leverage the power of strategic partnerships that will improve health outcomes at your organization. You can understand your health story with the help of industry-leading data visualization tools.

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