March 7, 2018

Time to renew your driver’s license or ID card?

Time to renew your driver’s license or ID card?

Be sure you have the correct documentation in hand—and don’t expect to walk out that day with your new card, as of July 2, 2018.

A new federal law process for “REAL driver’s licenses/IDs” will improve card security and prevent theft. But you must bring the proper paperwork at the time of renewal, and you’ll wait up to 10 days for the new card to be mailed to you.

Documentation includes original copies of the following:

• Birth certificate, U.S. Passport or Passport card
• Social Security Number (SSN card or W-2)
• Two proofs of your current address (two utility bills, bank statement, etc.)

Once you get the new driver’s license/ID issued after July 2, 2018, your card will suffice for proving name, DOB and legal presence for future renewals.

What’s a REAL driver’s license/ID?
It’s the license/ID you have today. The REAL driver’s license/ID allows access to airline flights and federal facilities. The new non-compliant Standard driver’s license/ID does not allow access to scheduled airlines or certain federal facilities, military bases or nuclear power plants. You do not need source documents to get a Standard driver’s license/ID. You do need documentation to renew your existing driver’s license/ID to a REAL ID.

Our Recommendations
• More Time. Plan on spending more time renewing your driver’s license starting July 2, 2018 as bureaus adjust to the new documentation requirements.
• Original Documentation. Review requirements and bring original documentation so you don’t end up forgetting a required source—and going back to the BMV to wait in line again.
• License by Mail. Don’t expect to walk out with your license/ID. You’ll walk out with a paper saying the license is in process. It will be mailed to you within 10 days.
• Get REAL. If you plan to use your license for access to airline flights and federal facilities, get the REAL driver’s license/ID. NOTE: Your current license works like the REAL version. The new non-compliant option is Standard and not accepted at airlines and federal facilities. We do not recommend this driver’s license/ID for The Fedeli Group clients.

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