Social Services

We’re inspired by your mission to serve others as a nonprofit, and we’re passionate about supporting you with comprehensive insurance coverage so you can focus on what’s important. At The Fedeli Group, we live and breathe the value of doing for others. We are personally involved in a range of nonprofits and as an organization, we not only provide nonprofit insurance for your 501(c)(3)—we participate as volunteers and champions.

Focused on Your Mission. Your commitment to serving others is the most important thing. Let The Fedeli Group Social Services team protect that with specialized nonprofit insurance that meets your organization’s needs. We tailor insurance programs that cover volunteers, independent contractors, medical professionals and other individuals who work with your nonprofit agency. That way, you can continue to do your good work with peace of mind.

Serving Your Organization. We partner with a range of social service agencies that serve diverse populations, and we are humbled to provide these great organizations with insurance products that ultimately preserve their ability to give back. As a nonprofit risk management provider, we work with childcare centers, shelters, group homes, foundations, community health clinics, mental health facilities, counseling centers and more.

The Fedeli Group Difference. Serving is ingrained in our culture—it is what we’re all about. We live that mission each day in the way we support our clients and how we spend our time outside of the office. You will find us volunteering and working on the front lines at charity events, along with advising social service agencies on best practices to strengthen their organizations. We believe there is nothing more important than giving back. It is what we are called to do.

Let’s Talk. You are on a mission. Let us handle the administrative load of protecting your organization with proper nonprofit insurance coverage. We are proud to serve you. Let’s start a conversation.