What is your regulatory risk—and have you considered all potential liabilities? A carefully crafted environmental insurance policy takes into consideration your environmental footprint, industry and threats that can go unseen.

Those range from contamination that migrates from your property, spillage from service providers (fuel delivery) and natural resource damaged caused by accidental release. No one plans for an environmental upset—but you can be prepared and protect your business with environmental insurance.

Assessing Environmental Risk. The Fedeli Group Environmental risk management team will carry out a thorough analysis of environmental liabilities, uncovering potential risks that can be overlooked by inexperienced agents. We facilitate engineering reports, sampling and compliance due diligence to fill the data gap. By managing the costs of these processes, we create a financial stopgap for complex environmental problems.

Engaged on Your Terms. There is no cookie-cutter approach to covering environmental liability because risks vary significantly depending on your industry, location, exposures and more. Environmental assessments and underwriting can be complex and time-consuming—but that does not mean getting proper coverage should compromise your budget. We are honest and completely transparent with our clients, and we will work closely with you to tailor compensation for our engagement that includes commissions, a consulting retainer or a combination of those.

The Fedeli Group Difference. We are environmental risk management consultants who are experienced in coming to the table and collaborating with multiple stakeholders. We cooperate with attorneys, regulators, environmental engineers and government entities to underwrite comprehensive environmental policies. Because we stay current on evolving EPA regulations, we act as advisers to our clients, who rely on us to protect their best interests and minimize their environmental liability.

Let’s Talk. Don’t let environmental liabilities create opportunities for costly accidents. Protect your bottom line and reputation with a well-crafted environmental insurance policy that leaves no gaps for exposure. The Fedeli Group Environmental team is a go-to environmental insurance consultant—we are looking out for your business.  Let’s start a conversation.