Construction & Surety

100% Construction. Every contractor’s operation is different. Your focus varies, your customer base is ever evolving and so is your geographic footprint. Your construction risk management consultant’s responsibility is understanding you inside and out.

Do you know what your insurance contract actually covers? Often, construction insurance policy terms and conditions are misunderstood or overlooked—and this causes a false sense of security. As you expand your scope of work, it’s critical to work with a team that diligently crafts construction insurance coverages to protect your balance sheet.

Partner with a Surety Specialist. Delivering a bond, a fair rate, and fair terms and conditions is the bare minimum. The Fedeli Group Surety team takes it to another level of consulting by striving to be a value-added partner. Ultimately, our goal is to strengthen your business. We do this by taking a hands-on approach to your construction insurance needs.

We share our perspectives from the field to bring benefits to contractors that go far beyond bond placement. We are connected to underwriters who trust our experience and collaborate with your accountant, bankers, attorneys and advisers to maximize the bonding capacity.

The Fedeli Group Difference. We strive to understand the “little things” that contractors do. Contractors know our team gets the job done accurately, on time and with a mind toward their business needs. We are committed to the construction industry and engaged at the regional and national levels—attending conferences, hosting client events and connecting clients with each other. (That’s why we’re often referred to as a matchmaker for projects.) We want to introduce your business to opportunity—and protect your risk as a trusted construction insurance partner.

Let’s Talk. Contact us and we’ll provide a detailed analysis of your existing construction and surety coverage, along with recommendations on how you can position your business to mitigate risk and improve profitability.