• Special Series with Umberto Fedeli—Final Episode—S:2 E:3

    Below you will see a link to the third and final session of a three-part special series featuring my brother, Umberto, on the Up2 podcast.It’s amazing to think that we can apply many of his lessons to the many facets of our lives. Discovering what fuels our passion…
  • Special Podcast Series with Umberto Fedeli: Leaders as Humble as They are Successful S:2 E:2

    Recently my father was asked to be a special guest on the UP2 podcast. He has always taught me that, if you put the time into learning, knowledge compounds. The best people in the world share knowledge in order to build knowledge within others. 
  • Special Series with Umberto Fedeli: S:2 E:1

    As most of you know, I look up to my older brother. His success in life as well as in business and investing never ceases to amaze me. However, with success comes many trials, tribulations, and failures. You may want to spend some time listening to the first of three…
  • Breaking Bread with Umberto Fedeli Up2 Podcast

    Recently, my brother Umberto, had an opportunity to record with Up2 Podcast founder, Adam Kaufman. It is my pleasure to share the history and life lessons that have not only formed my brother’s foundation, but also, that of The Fedeli Group.
  • 9 Ways to Crack the Prospect Code

    Why do so many meetings with prospects fizzle out and go nowhere? When selling a product, we often forget we our selling ourselves too. This article challenges some of the common prospecting myths, while offering advice on how to turn a “no” into a “yes…