• Constructive Criticism—Help, Don’t Hurt

    We can all learn from the successes of others, and from their mistakes—or at least we should try. By watching how some accomplished individuals operate, we can take away lessons and try to avoid repeating errors that can cost time, money, relationships and reputations.
  • Play to Your Strengths

    What do you do really well? What do you love to do? What skills, talents or abilities do others recognize you for? These are important questions for businesspeople, and any individual, to ask when developing their skills, talents and abilities.
  • A Commitment to Continuous Learning—and Sharing

    Continuously learning various aspects of life is an important discipline that I have committed to and asked our associates to commit to as well. This can include learning about your profession, community, industry, business and your clients so you can improve and…
  • Peak Performance - Five Suggestions

    As leaders, the way we lead is influenced by what we read, experience and learn. We learn some from our successes—but we learn significantly more from our mistakes. We can also learn from others who are successful in their specialties.
  • Intellectual Honesty—Reflect on Mistakes & Learn from Mentors

    Ray Dalio's famous prescription for progress — “Pain plus reflection equals progress” — is important to remember in every aspect of our lives, in our work, family, business, investing and relationships.
  • Striving for Balance in Life and Investing

    In life, we often talk about the importance of balance. The same is true with investing. Focus, patience, confidence and humility are valuable characteristics in business, personal relationships and investment decisions.
  • Creating a stronger society

    When public and private sectors are strong, and leaders in business and government work together, society as a whole benefits. Understand three lessons government can learn from business to create a stronger society.
  • Be the CEO of yourself

    In every aspect of life, ask for what you want and listen to what others are asking of you. Seek to solve others’ problems by listening and asking questions to tease out what kind of help they need.
  • Cures Are Around the Corner

    When will a COVID-19 vaccine be introduced to the market? What treatments are most effective for ill patients? And, what antibodies will protect people from getting the virus?
  • Block the Virus, Build Immunity—Learning More About COVID-19

    Building immunity is a topic of greater interest now than ever before as we gradually re-open the economy. What supplements, whole foods and health habits can prevent us from getting COVID-19, or improve our chances of recovering should we get the virus?