• Creating a stronger society

    When public and private sectors are strong, and leaders in business and government work together, society as a whole benefits. Understand three lessons government can learn from business to create a stronger society.
  • Be the CEO of yourself

    In every aspect of life, ask for what you want and listen to what others are asking of you. Seek to solve others’ problems by listening and asking questions to tease out what kind of help they need.
  • Cures Are Around the Corner

    When will a COVID-19 vaccine be introduced to the market? What treatments are most effective for ill patients? And, what antibodies will protect people from getting the virus?
  • Block the Virus, Build Immunity—Learning More About COVID-19

    Building immunity is a topic of greater interest now than ever before as we gradually re-open the economy. What supplements, whole foods and health habits can prevent us from getting COVID-19, or improve our chances of recovering should we get the virus?
  • We Will Rise Again

    We’ve never seen a situation like coronavirus, though we compare it to other historical events like the Spanish Flu and The Great Depression. We are afraid of loss, but we must remember that we can come back.
  • A sense of urgency is great for business — but dangerous for investing

    Investors are facing two divergent fears in today’s turbulent economy: the fear that equity markets will retest their March 23 lows and fall further, and a fear of missing opportunities for strong gains if markets move higher. How many of you are facing these…
  • Navigating through Crisis

    Umberto recently participated in a podcast with Smart Business.  The Topic of the podcast is "Now is a not a time to panic, despite the uncertainty. Umberto Fedeli, veteran investor and CEO of The Fedeli Group, discusses his thoughts on crisis leadership and the…
  • Slow the Pandemic, Restart the Economy— Experts and History Demonstrate It Doesn’t Have to Be A Trade-Off

    How do we build our immunity—how can we protect our loved ones, support our communities and preserve our economy? When will the economy rebound—and what will it take for Americans to get back to work? Why are some people walking around with COVID-19…
  • Nearing the Coronavirus Peak—and Now What?

    We are entering what has been called a pivotal time by health officials, as the number of new COVID-19 cases jumps worldwide—one-third of which are here, in the United States. Meanwhile, state shutdowns have cut off as much as one-third of the economy, shuttering…
  • Protecting Our Loved Ones

    During this very challenging time, our top priority is the health and safety of our family’s, loved ones, clients and business associates. I was sent the following link by a friend and I thought it essential for you and your families to watch and share. The doctor…