Construction & Surety

Do you know what your insurance contract actually covers? Often, insurance policy terms and conditions are misunderstood or overlooked—and this causes a false sense of security. Meanwhile, contractors’ exposure to risk increases when they broaden their scope of services, engage in complicated projects, add business lines or expand their footprint. With The Fedeli Group construction team, you have a partner on your side. Our veteran construction insurance and surety professionals hold specific construction designations and are prepared to deploy smart risk management services that meet your needs.

Managing Claims Effectively. Contractors can file 10 to 12 times more claims than professionals in other industries. Managing the claims process involves filtering through illegitimate claims, and establishing appropriate deductibles and protocols with insurance company claims departments. Because of our focus on the construction industry, our underwriter partners trust that we know your business and are pursuing the proper coverage with integrity.

Addressing Changing Needs. In the dynamic construction industry, you need an insurer that can meet your business’s evolving demands. That means assuring “appropriate placement”—pairing your organization with an insurer that has the capability to manage your risk today and well into the future. (For example, do you need regional services with limited risk management services—or a national insurer?) The Fedeli Group construction team can connect you with services that align with your business strategy.

Navigating Workers’ Compensation. We’re your guide in the complex world of workers’ comp, with experts who understand varying state requirements and market nuances. We offer workers’ compensation claim audits that analyze claims for accuracy so appropriate “mod” factors can be applied to the premium rating. You’d be surprised how the results of these audits can positively impact your profitability.

Partner with a Surety Specialist. Access to bonding is critical for contractors—and while surety premiums are less than 1% of total insurance premiums, you need bonding 100% of the time. The Fedeli Group is hands-on, dedicated and connected to underwriters who trust our experience. Contractors know our team “gets the job done” accurately, on time and with a mind toward their business needs. Plus, we can share our perspectives from working in the field to bring benefits to contractors that go far beyond bond placement. We collaborate with your accountant, bankers, attorneys and advisers to maximize the bonding capacity. Ultimately, our goal is to strengthen your business.

The Fedeli Group Difference. We are committed to the construction industry and engaged at the regional and national level—attending conferences, hosting client events and connecting clients with each other. (That’s why we’re often referred to as a matchmaker for projects.) We want to introduce your business to opportunity—and protect your risk as a trusted insurance partner.

Let’s Talk. Contact us and we’ll provide a detailed analysis of your existing construction and surety coverage, along with recommendations on how you can position your business to mitigate risk and improve profitability.