Underwriting, Forecasting and Analysis

Do your benefit program costs align with your corporate budget? We know, you need employee benefits solutions that deliver value and meet financial expectations. That’s why The Fedeli Group’s underwriting employee benefit solutions team works in tandem finance and human resources to design a plan that makes sense for your business.  

Taking a holistic approach. Several of our analysts are former insurance company underwriters, so they bring this mindset to the table when helping you make employee benefits decisions.  And, we take a comprehensive analysis approach that includes evaluating data, standard carrier reporting, custom report requests and The Fedeli Group data warehouse. By combining financial and clinical analysis, we can deliver the best possible employee benefits that suit your budget.  

Our analytics team is equipped to perform an array of underwriting, financial and clinical analysis services, including: 

  • Premium rate calculations  
  • Initial and ongoing claims reserve calculations  
  • Annual funding projections 
  • Actuarial support (using outside enrolled actuaries) 
  • Risk analysis and risk protection recommendations  
  • Monthly claim reporting, including stop loss settlement  
  • Benchmarking reports 
  • Board Level Stewardship Reports 

The Fedeli Group Difference.  Insurance underwriters respect our quantitative approach to negotiating—we do more than share a spreadsheet of competitive data. Find out how this can benefit your organization.  

Let’s Talk. Want to make sure you’re maximizing all forecasting and budgeting? Learn more about underwriting employee benefit solutions. Let’s start the conversation.