Personal Financial Planning

Life happens. Are you prepared to embrace the good and handle the unexpected—to enjoy life’s rewards and overcome challenging circumstances? We can’t always control what life brings us. But we can plan and preparewith the help of personal finanical planning. Fedeli Advisors is the partner you need to bring your dreams to fruition.

Thinking Ahead with Goal-Centered Solutions

How will you be remembered? What will your legacy look like, and how can you give your family the best? Will you outlive your retirement funds? And, if something happens to you today, is your family protected?

These questions are not always easy or comfortable to answer. An experienced personal financial advisors at Fedeli Advisors will guide you through the journey and facilitate a plan that includes analysis, recommendations, implementation and review. We believe in planning for the future and measuring results so you can make the most of today.

We want to create a plan that supports your lifestyle and amplifies your legacy, and we do this in a variety of ways:

Net Worth and Cash Flow Analysis. A comprehensive audit of your financial goals, objectives and insurance portfolio helps identify gaps and opportunities.

Life Insurance. You can always be there for your family with the right life insurance products and advisory to protect your finances.

Disability Insurance. Supplement an employer’s long-term disability benefits with a plan that protects a larger portion of your income and is completely portable, so you won’t lose coverage if you change jobs.

Long-Term Care Insurance & Planning. Plan early to control the type of care you receive when you need long-term care later in life.

Education Planning. Offset the rising cost of higher education with smart savings tools that deliver tax advantages and secure funds for college expenses.

Retirement Planning. How much do you need to retire and how will you save? It’s never too early to plan, and there are tax-deferred savings vehicles to help you reach your goals.

Investment Analysis & Wealth Management. Safeguard your wealth and assets with tailored, diversified financial solutions that minimize taxes, fund your retirement, protect loved ones and secure your legacy.

Charitable Planning. Personal finanical planning can help you give back in a meaningful, intentional way.

Estate Planning. Fund a comfortable lifestyle while transferring wealth and creating a legacy. 

Trust Services. A trust is an integral part of a comprehensive estate and wealth transfer plan—and a way to manage how your legacy will be managed and distributed.

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